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Hario Mini Mill Slim Coffee Grinder


At the heart of Hario, is a glass company, with new coffee products…   the Mini Mill is one example.  Designed by Hario for coffee lovers who want freshly-ground coffee while traveling light.  The Hario Slim is a portable manual burr grinder.  It’s small enough to pack in your backpack, luggage, or take camping.   Make sure you have a good cup of coffee everywhere you go.  The Slim disassembles for easy cleaning.  The mill is sharp ceramic, so it is easy to clean.  No rust to worry about either. The handle detaches and the burrs are very sharp, which is perfect for a consistent grind for any preparation. You’ll get a little bit of exercise using it too!  The Mini Mill has an easy grind adjustment, a hopper lid, and a removable grounds bin.  The best part is that the Slim is actually the perfect size to dispense directly into the Aeropress, so if that’s your preferred coffee maker, you’re in for a treat!


Makes a perfect gift with a bag of our specialty coffee!

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